Signal Processing & Communication Research Group


1- Efficient Power Consumption using Predictive Data Analysis Method

It is a collaborated work funded by both of Philadelphia University in Jordan and the University of Strathclyde in Scotland. This project is described as follows:

  • Study the interactions between large scale projects such as five stars hotels, nowhere large companies or sensitive military locations, and Smart Grids through the creation of energy models, advanced communications and digital signal processing.
  • Developing integrated-communications-infrastructure-spanning large scale projects and the provision for scalable data management to find the optimum manor to consume the limited power source or to decrease the combustion of the available power source till the optimum level.
  • Review large scale projects technologies such as the Smart Large projects concept, laboratory test Smart large scale projects sensors, communications and automation features.
  • Characterize the relationships between household energy service needs, home-based ICT applications and people through empirical studies and development of appliance energy models, in fact, we can even apply all these features over the main energy source for such large projects that contain all these clients.
  • Understand user behavior w.r.t energy usage and design optimal energy feedback mechanisms that stimulate energy saving, and then develop and evaluate a low-cost wireless sensing and limited area networking platform based on machine-to-machine (M2M) communications that enables information exchange between home appliances and autonomous demand response functionalities. This allows us to save the energy even in the communication system besides the combusted energy in the daily life or functions.
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